Student Right

Students matriculated at America Central University are entitled to and are assured of the following rights:

  • To receive quality educational services provided by the duly qualified and experienced faculty;
  • To cancel enrollment and receive a full refund of the amount paid for tuition, fees and other instructional charges consistent with refund policies (less non-refundable fees), if notice of cancellation is delivered or mailed to the Registrar’s office prior to the posted deadline;
  • To discontinue his or her academic program at any time and receive a prorated refund for the part of the course not taken in accordance with the refund policy stated in the school catalog;
  • With a 24 hours notice to inspect and review his or her records during the normal business hours and seek correction of errors in the records through the established administrative procedures;
  • To call for a hearing in accordance with the procedures established for the purpose of resolving all types of complaints and disputes; and
  • To write to the state regulatory agency or accrediting agency to register complaints and seek fair and just remedial action.

Student Complaint Procedures

Students may direct all complaints to the Director of Student Affairs. The Director of Student Affairs shall be responsible for taking action to remedy the complaint under California Education Code Section 73770.

A student may lodge a complaint by communicating orally or in writing to any teacher, administrator, admissions personnel, or counselor. Faculty, administrator, or personnel who receive a complaint shall attempt to resolve all complaints that are related to his/her duties and transmit it as soon as possible to the Dean of the School.

If a student orally delivers the complaint and the complaint is not resolved either within a reasonable period or before the student again complains about the same matter, the student is recommended to submit the complaint to the Dean of the School in writing using the university’s complaint form. If the student provides a written complaint, the Dean of the School shall provide the student with a written response within 10 days of receiving the complaint, including a summary of university’s investigation and disposition of

it. If the complaint or relief requested by the student is rejected, the university shall provide the students with the reasons for the rejection.

The students’’ participation in the complaint procedure and the disposition of a student’s complaint shall not limit or waive any of the student’s other rights or remedies.