President’s Message

With the heart of God, who is seeking truthful and prepared workers to harvest the already ripe field….”(John 4:35)

We are looking for truthful workers, who will help His Kingdom advance and come true on this land. There are uncountable seminaries in the world and even more numerous students graduate from them. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to see many of them seeking other worldly pursuits instead of following the Lord’s way. The number of truly prepared workers that the Lord’s Church needs and seeks seems too small in comparison.

America Central University was founded upon this philosophy of producing God’s prepared workers. At America Central University, theoretical and pragmatic curricula are carefully balanced in order to equip our students with professional knowledge and ministerial abilities. Moreover, America Central University prepares the students with spirituality, a worshiping heart and faith to passionately and efficiently serve God’s children inside and outside of Church.

To this end, we will provide our students with the most excellent educational environment that fosters theoretical base and pragmatic abilities in them by inviting competent professors. We invite all those who desire to be his faithful servants. We would like to cultivate this land into God’s Kingdom with you.   

Sung Kwan Hong
President of America Central University