Master of Christian Music

The Master of Christian Music is a professional graduate degree for those who plan to serve in the music ministry of churches. The course requirements are designed to help the student develop a maximum level of proficiency in performance, a comprehensive knowledge of church music, including music, theory, history, education, and an understanding of the theological context of Christian music.

Graduates of Master of Christian Music are prepared for religious musical vocations such as choir directors, Cantors, organists, and chanters.

Degree Requirements

Successfully complete 72 quarter units of the following coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale:

  • Successfully complete 36 quarter units of Christian Music concentrated core courses
  • Successfully complete 8 quarter units of the Thesis
  • Project.Successfully complete 28 quarter units of unrestricted electives or alternative electives.
  • Successfully complete the degree requirements within the time limit.

Time Limit

The Master in Christian Music program must be completed within 3 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student. This time limit, at the option of the university, may be extended due to special extenuating circumstances.

Master of Christian Music Suggested Core Classes

BBL 140 Biblical Hermeneutics (4 quarter units)

A Presentation of the general principles necessary of a sound interpretation of scripture and the special principles governing the interpretation of such subjects as poetry prophecy, typology and parables.

BBL 501 Biblical Theology (4 quarter units)

Overview of the covenantal structure of the whole of biblical revelation, centering on concepts of kingdom, covenant and Mediator.

CHD 115 History of Christian Doctrines (4 quarter units)

Summary of the biblical world and life view; the word of God, revelation, and inspirations; “knowing” and “thinking” as responses to God’s word; the radical difference between Christian and non-Christian thinking; nature and methods of Theology and apologetics; procedures for dealing with difficulties in the Christian faith.

ETH 501 Christian Ethics (4 quarter units)

Structure and content of Christian Ethics; goal, motive and norm of the Christian life; analysis of ethical issues of authority, life, sexuality, property and truthfulness.

MUS 501 Music in Contemporary Worship (4 quarter units)

This course is a survey of the purpose and place of music in contemporary corporate worship. Worship practice in contemporary churches will be examined. Theological, historical, and cultural foundation for wide variety of worship styles will be scrutinized with biblical standard of worship and the use of music in worship will be explored.

MUS 503 Music Theory (4 quarter units)

Development of proficiency in Western music conventional theory including notation, rhythm, melody, scales, intervals chords and keyboard work.

MUS 505 Church Music II (4 quarter units)

A survey to develop a practical, biblical philosophical of church music methodology and principles. Directed research in some area of church music related to the student’s interest and needs.

MUS 509 The Art of Spiritual Direction (4 quarter units)

This course offers an introduction to the principles and practice of spiritual direction through a combination of lecture/discussion and applied work. It is taken in conjunction with advanced practicum in spiritual direction.

MUS 511 Seminar: Church Music (4 quarter units)

This course is designed to equip the church musician with the specialized knowledge and administrative skills needed for church music ministry.

MUS 513 Music Education (4 quarter units)

A study of Biblical concepts and pattern of music and its theory. How to relate church, music and education.

MUS 515 Hymnology (4 quarter units)

A study and experience in related structure of music of hymnology and historical background.

MUS 517 Music History and Literature (4 quarter units)

Advanced study of the growth of Western music from middle ages through contemporary compared with Western literature.

MUS 520 African American Consacred Music Styles (4 quarter units)

This course is a study of the various facts of African-American sacred music style and the social history that helped to share them. Music literature will be played and the ministry of African-American sacred music will be examined.

MUS 530 Senior Recital (4 quarter units)

Selection, practice, rehearsal and completion of a recital under faculty supervision. Required of all music majors.