Doctor of Missiology

The Doctor of Missiology is an advanced professional research degree in missiology designed especially for missionary practitioners. Students who expect to teach missions should normally pursue the Doctor of Philosophy program of study rather than the Doctor of Missiology program. Students are typically not permitted to transfer from the Doctor of Missiology to the Doctor of Philosophy. program. Those who wish to do so must reapply for the Ph.D. program and meet all entrance requirements for that program. The purpose of the Doctor of Missiology program is to prepare persons for enhanced cross-cultural ministry by means of advanced studies in Christian missions and related disciplines. Students in the program take Doctor of Philosophy seminars in Christian missions and related subjects. The program culminates with a field research dissertation that addresses an issue in the student’s missionary context.

Degree Requirements

Successfully complete a minimum of 60 quarter units of coursework determined by the student and the student’s Doctoral Committee from the Doctor of Missiology course list and any other coursework prescribed by the student’s Doctoral Committee with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

  •  Successfully complete the Integrative Review
  •  Successfully complete 48 quarter units of concentrated course work.
  •  Successfully complete 12 quarter units of the Dissertation/Research Project.
  •  Successfully complete the degree requirements within the time limit.

Time Limit

The Doctor of Missiology program must be completed within 4 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student. This time limit, at the option of the university, may be extended due to special extenuating circumstances.

Doctor of Missiology Suggested Core Classes

BBL 622 The Pastoral Epistles (4 quarter units)

An exposition of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus with emphasis on interpretive problems and relevance to contemporary church life.

BBL 801 Biblical Theology III (4 quarter units)

Overview of the covenantal structure of the whole of biblical revelation centering on the concepts of kingdom, covenant and Mediator.

CED 714 Teaching Techniques (4 quarter units)

Preparation and presentation of various styles of lessons such as: visual aids, drama, puppets, news reports, pantomime, quizzes, puzzles, and games.

CHD 713 History of Christian Doctrines (4 quarter units)

An historical survey of the development of selected major doctrine from the first century to the present.

ETH 533 Christian Ethics (4 quarter units)

Structure and content of Christian Ethics; goal, motive, and norm of the Christian life; analysis of ethical issues of authority, life, sexuality, property and truthfulness.

EVG 513 Basic Evangelism (4 quarter units)

A study of evangelism theory and revivals. The practice examination of the theology of evangelism and discipleship with an emphasis on developing the skills of personal evangelism and equipping others to share their faith.

MIS 501 Mission of the Church (4 quarter units)

A study of the church mission and evangelism theological background bases on biblical foundation and its application since Christian church existed.

MIS 503 Theology of Mission (4 quarter units)

Theology of mission and evangelism from a reformed perspective; principles of personal and corporate evangelism and cross-cultural communications of the Gospel.

MIS 507 Mission History of the Korean Church (4 quarter units)

A study of the history of the Korean church since American missionaries came and the growth and development of the Christian church in Korean peninsula.

MIS 801 Christian Missions (4 quarter units)

Current development, trends, and opportunities in mission; missionary policies and programs in the local church.

MIS 809 Seminar (5 quarter units)

  1. Missiological Integrations: Assist students to select and/or design a study program which will serve their ministry development needs for mission service.
  2. Assist students to bring an integrative closure to their whole study program.

MIS 811 Ancient Near East History (4 quarter units)

A survey of Samaritan Babylonian, Assyrian, China and Old Korea Christian mission history with special attention to the intersection of these cultures with the history of Israel. The theological significance of such relationship will be discussed as well.

PTR 420 God & Mammon: Business and Professional Ethics (4 quarter units)

A study of fundamental concepts and issues of business and professional ethics in the light of Christian ethics, including such topics as scriptural and church attitudes toward business, theological theories of economic justice, and corporations as moral agents.

PTR 455 Classics of Christian Spirituality: Medieval to Modern (4 quarter units)

A discussion of texts by spiritual writer from the 12th century to the present day.

PTR 680 Study Tour: Art and Spirituality (4 quarter units)

A tour in sites of one or more countries that show the historical and contemporary connections between artistic masterpieces and the spiritual life.